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This is mainly for my team in case you haven't seen this yet, watch it, I'm still gunning for it. 

I originally posted this on one of my other blogs, so if you want the whole gameplan that goes with it, click on the link to get access to the full post:


-Aki Wood



I had been at it for hours...

I thought it was going to be easy to fix all of the errors in my code that these damn hackers had injected into my websites. 

Damn was I wrong.

Have you ever felt like you were wasting your time online while you should have actually been doing something useful that would pay you money?

Well, in the past, I was able to get into my websites and fix the problems caused by hackers within a couple of hours.  This time was different.  I literally spent a day and a half going through php code(something I know nothing about), trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

Just as I was getting ready to murder everyone in sight, a friend of mine said to me, "Why don't you just hire someone to do it?"

This of course would have been the smart thing to do in the beginning, but instead, I was acting like a stubborn man that refused to ask for directions...

Sooooooooo.... I swallowed my pride, and put out a freelance job at Odesk.com.

That was a good decision.

I paid a kick ass programmer in Pakistan $100, and he had all of my websites back up fast, and I didn't have to give it another thought.  Sooooooooooooooooo much better than doing it myself.

So what was the lesson learned?

Well, there were a couple of things.

Number 1: Outsourcing kicks ass.  I already knew this, but yet again, I was able to save countless hours of frustration by hiring someone to do what I didn't want to do.  It was totally worth it. 

Two great places to outsource are Fiverr.com and Odesk.com.  There are some other good ones, but just knowing that could save you hundreds of valuable hours, and you can pay someone a few bucks an hour to do what you don't want to.

Number 2: The "Viral Blogging" platform also kicks ass.  With this platform, you can have as many blogs, on as many domains as you want for $25 per month.  You don't have to worry about hacking, or paying for hosting either.  The company takes care of everything. 

Even though my websites are back up now(thanks to my Pakistinian friend from Odesk), I now have no sidebars on my blogs, or the 'widget' section in the back office of wordpress, because the bastards that hacked me had completely replaced them with malware. 

All of my original websites were built on wordpress; even though I do enjoy a lot of the functionality of wordpress, it is fairly difficult for most people to learn, it has to be updated constantly, and there are a plethora of "backdoors" for hackers. 

You also can't make a whole lot of money selling wordpress sites, where as this platform pays you huge commissions, and has tons of in house training to help you use the simple software. 

...In other words, fuck the hackers, just click the button below and get started making money online the safe and easy way. 

P.S. As of today(you may be reading this too late), you are still able to get the "High Ticket Academy" at a discount.  Obviously, as with anything, results will vary, but this information has the potention to make you tens of thousands per month...

...and for what it is it is f*&^ing dirt cheap at the moment.  Watch this video my brother Dave did with some of our friends, and you'll understand. 

Movember Movember...


Just a quick little holiday message to let all of my peeps, team and subscribers that I appreciate them and all they do.  I hope all of you are having an awesome holiday season, and that you had an epic "Movember."

If you don't know, "Movember" is prostate cancer awareness month...

It is a time when men around the world commit to growing hideous mustaches, and women around the world celebrate with mustache rides.  As you can see I participated :)

Happy holidays, and when you are ready to put together a plan to make some extra money for the holidays, Click Here and get started <==

Welcome to the family my friend :)

-Aki & Mikela Wood

"Freedom Fighters"

Identity Crisis


"Identity Crisis."  Batman and Superman went through it when somebody found out all of the heroes identities in a comic arc a few years back.  More than that we as people can go through them sometimes too, they are just a little bit different. 

I've learned some things throughout my years of marketing online and in the network marketing industry.  One of them is never talk about a problem while you are still going through it; you can't help anyone when you do. 

You can however, help a lot of people when you talk about them AFTER you go through them.  Be sure to watch that video all the way through to see if you can relate. 

If you are ready to build whatever kind of life and lifestyle that you want; I and my team of leaders are here to help you.  We'll teach you how to make money online AND continue to have a life.  Timing has never been better, and there has never been a better time to take action and join a real team of real people that are making a difference. 

Let's get you started today <==

If you are already on my team and are reading this; lets go out there and tear this wide open, because momentum is about to hit.  Love and appreciate you all :)

-Aki Wood

"Freedom Fighter"



There are very few people in the world that can pull off the 'excited, happy, artistic, charming, sweet (sugar coated), smart, loved, hilarious, amazing, talented, determined, auspicious, entertaining, tough, fierce and scary' look all at once. It can be done. It just got easier. It's worth a try! Remember that weird is a side effect of awesome and freedom is what you build when your badass! What are your qualities of a successful leader?

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